simon amstell

simon amstell

There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.  – Erma Bombeck

I love stand up comedy but usually what I get out of it is a good laugh, something I consider essential for my sanity. Now, this blog is called Inspiration For Sanity and when I watched Simon Amtell’s show – Numb, I definitely felt inspired, not sure how I feel regarding my sanity though. He’s not the first comedian I have seen that touches social crisis in a humorous way, he is however the first one that made me wonder weather I was hysterically laughing or at the verge of crying and curling into a ball. I think it was both. Maybe, I was just in a weird mood, maybe he simply put things into a perspective that resembles mine just a bit too much, maybe it’s because he talks in such a genuine and personal way about what I consider one of our main illnesses as a society – being disconnected.  Regardless, I have found a mastermind.

Simon is British, he is quite famous over there but hasn’t hit the main stream market here in the US yet. I wonder if he will. He might be a touch too European. I personally love that, being European myself, but I could see people being confused by the sense of desperation and darkness that accompanies his jokes. I definitely hope he takes over the world and people meditate on life while having a laugh.

I was randomly looking for something funny when I stumbled upon him on Hulu and when he said he is basically a vegan now, my heart skipped a beat. If I were a gay man I would be crushing hard right now!