Horses Healing Humans




How do we organize our lives in a way that is driven by our passion? I think I’m about to find out…

A friend told me: ‘I give up [on relationships]! Fuck it, just give me animals and I’ll be ok.’ It’s slightly painful how much I can relate.

I had been seeking for so long. I had been lonely, depressed and hopeless. I had always felt like a fraud, like the ‘me’ that people knew was not the full truth. Most people would not guess that I had the feelings inside of me that I had. God the feelings, and so many of them. I always knew yoga was for me and after 28 years of life I accepted it. It changed everything. Breathing, changes everything. I’ve been finding the union I had been looking for in all the wrong places and though that union I am remembering what is important to me. Connection. That’s right. C.O.N.N.E.C.T.I.O.N. Remember that. And connection requires presence, remember that too.


‘Perhaps there’s a quirk in the DNA that makes horse people different from everyone else, that instantly divides humanity into those who love horses and the others, who simply don’t know.’ ― Allan J. Hamilton, Zen Mind, Zen Horse

I’ve had a special connection to animals since I was born. They are my way to the present. They know what I deeply desire to know. Or to remember.

A few years back I started searching for someone who felt like me, who’s passions included yoga and horses, nature and magic. The first time I visited Kedra we sat down, she told me about her past, her struggle with addiction, her long and beautifully complicated relationship with her fiancé. We talked about my struggles with dealing with all my feelings, about my own very destructive coping mechanisms, we talked for hours.  We were open, raw and so strong in exposing all our vulnerability. I knew I had made a friend.

Kedra lives the desires of one part of my soul. The long haired hippie child who rides bareback in a field. Wild, untamed, in love.


The difference between passion and addiction is that between a divine spark and a flame that incinerates.’― Gabor Maté, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction

Kedra’s life was changed, maybe saved, by mustangs. Through them she found sobriety and now she is giving back wholeheartedly.

At Peaceful Hearts for Change Kedra and her herd of mustangs hold space for people who need emotional healing. She works in partnership with the County of Riverside’s Mental Health Department and the Department of Public and Social Services to provide and promote emotional health and wellness in the local community. I know! It’s badass!

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