This concept of ‘good boys and girls’ has been on my mind lately. Many years ago my mom and I overheard a woman rewarding her child with a ‘good girl’. We looked at… Continue reading


I’m either a shy extrovert or an outgoing introvert. I thrive on the connections I make with other humans. With you! You inspire me. You touch me. You truly make me feel alive.… Continue reading


About a year ago I found myself at a workshop facing a stranger and answering the following question: ‘What do people think of you that you don’t think is true?’


Most people I know are great at giving, we receive pleasure from bringing joy to others but receiving gifts or acts of kindness can be a challenge. Society likes givers, doers and givers,… Continue reading


Sometimes I forget that my life hasn’t been ordinary. It is my life after all, so to me it seems quite normal. I always describe my parents as the type of people I… Continue reading

Fear, my guide

One morning Fear spoke to me. It asked me to continue on, it promised to guide me as a companion. Courage is awaiting me on the other side. My search for Fearless Living,… Continue reading

A Recovering Perfectionist

My earliest memory of suffering from perfectionism is me sitting in front of an empty piece of paper…

Horses Healing Humans

    How do we organize our lives in a way that is driven by our passion? I think I’m about to find out… A friend told me: ‘I give up [on relationships]!… Continue reading


There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.  – Erma Bombeck I love stand up comedy but usually what I get out of it is… Continue reading


I feel lucky to live in Los Angeles. It is, if you are a vegan, one of the best places you can call home. Not only do we have an abundance of vegan… Continue reading